Cute curly haired hottie Jackson Cooks bottoms for hairy muscle hunk Hayden Hunter Sean Cody

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Sean Cody says: Sexy young bottom stud Jackson Cooks opens his hole for hairy hunk Hayden Hunter’s big muscle dick Hairy top Hayden is seen getting on the bench to look at curly-haired Jackson’s ass while he squats. He comes up behind him for a closer view. As Jackson does pullups, Hayden surprises him by taking off his shorts and burying his face between the cheeks! Jackson sucks the top and then rides his dick and muscular Hayden lifts him up for a stand-and carry. Jackson places his leg up on a bench while Hayden pushes him back from behind. He then screams as he gets fucked on his back, and Hayden pulls out and cums. See all Hayden Hunter gay hardcore fuck sessions at Sean Cody here. See all Jackson Cooks gay hardcore fuck sessions at Sean Cody here.

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